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A Pigeon in the Wilderness

Original Tracks recorded and performed by the Glyph Engine Team

All songs written by Theo Bremer-Bennett except Little Girl Crying: TBB & MVH (words), music inspired by CC and the Postmen, All my Letters from Delphine: TBB & Kristofer Widholm, Ah Holy Jesus How Have You Offended: Heerman, Bridges, Cruger 1630

All Songs Performed by Theo Bremer-Bennett and Michael VanHouten

Engineering and Mixing: Quinlin Tweens, Michael VanHouten, Johno Wells

Mastering: Redtimes Studios

Additional Contributors: Laura Bremer-Bennett, Brian Funck, Fr. David Houk, Jon Iralu, Lashanda Spencer, & David Taylor

Sleeve Iconography: Yohannes Baptizes Iyasus the Christ

Recorded at the Orleans Casino—Las Vegas NV, Furnace Sound—Grand Rapids MI, and The Glyph Grotto—Gallup NM

To my very soul, Carol Joy

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